Search Engine Optimization

Our website promotion services are a structured strategy aimed to optimize internal and external parameters of the page. First, we conduct a website audit. Then, our specialists take a deep dive into your site's coding to bring your website to the top places of search engine results pages. Our goal is to increase organic traffic with assistance of tested and proven SEO methodologies.

Upon their conception, search engines (such as Google) literally changed the way we viewed the world and how we planned our digital marketing strategy. People began to recognize their utility and convenience, and thus wanted to explore how they could use search engines to their advantage. As it became popular for businesses to own websites, they found a direct correlation between the amount of people that visited their website (traffic influx) and the amount of customers that made purchases from them. In fact, the correlation was so strong, that it is now almost a necessity for any agency or firm to have a website in order to be successful.

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a marketing technique by which programmers and internet connoisseurs methodically apply tried techniques to websites in order to increase their rank in popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. The ultimate goal of SEO and those employing its techniques is to achieve a top position in the search result rankings through a variety of relevant keywords and phrases.
Building a complete semantic core for your website is just one of many things that can help you rank on Google’s result pages. For example, a web design company in Philadelphia or Denver with the right SEO methodologies in place, will likely appear at the top of Google search result for phrases such as "Web design", "web development in Philadelphia", "web development in Denver", or "Web design small business".

What is SEO?

It is worth refreshing once more, that SEO is a website promotion service that combines in-depth knowledge with complex processes that work in conjunction to reach a desired outcome. While we could provide you with an extensive list of various SEO techniques, it is a better idea to hire a professional to bring your website to the forefront of Google's result rankings online. We are your team!

Not all websites are created equal. The classic SEO model will work for some websites, but not for all. This is where the specific knowledge on the area comes into play. Let's review some of the main tools of SEO promotion and why the internet is such a popular adverting outlet for goods and services.

SEO is necessary for Google

Google aims to create an environment where its users receive the most relevant and accurate search results they can. Therefore, as developers and SEO specialists, it is our task to show Google and its mini spider robots that the site we are promoting is the most relevant site to appear for the specific group of keywords and phrases.

However, we must also consider the fact there are literally millions upon millions of websites in existence today. There might be thousands of websites that offer similar products or cover the same areas. In order to compensate for this, Google has developed an algorithm according to which websites are evaluated and assessed. This algorithm is what determines the rank of one particular website with regards to another.

What are the best keywords to use?

We divide keywords into three categories: high-frequency, mid-frequency, and low-frequency. The keywords and phrases you use will dictate your site's placement in Google. For example, the pair "web-design" is a high-frequency keyword. As a web design agency in Denver and Philadelphia, we search this term hundreds of times per month and it is still a very competitive search, making it difficult to reach Google's number one spot.

"Web-design agency" is an example of a mid-frequency search. There are hundreds instead of thousand key phrase searches for this one. The competitiveness is noticeably lower, and it is easier to attain top-ranking positions with this phrase. "Best web-design Company for small business" is an example of a low-frequency key phrase. These phrases are searched only a few times a month with practically no competition. Making it easier to achieve high results and better placement, especially if those searching for your services are local.


A solid SEO strategy would consist on having a site with 20-30 low-frequency words in the number one position of Google's rankings than a site that has one or two high-frequency words in the lows of the top 30 ranking. What truly matters is the traffic you get. When working on a particular project, we select SEO strategies that work best in accordance with the above-mentioned facts, as well as the industry's standards.


Why Does My Company Need solid SEO strategies?

Attracting people to your website through paid advertising is becoming more expensive and is getting less effective. Furthermore, once you stop paying for the service, the results disappear entirely. SEO offers a different approach, this is why understanding the differences and advantages between PPC or SEO is not always an easy feat.

Yes, you still are paying an expert to optimize your website, but these payments all contribute to a permanent adjustment strategy. SEO has multiple compounding effects which continue to permanently adjust the strategy. SEO offers multiple results providing a continuous improvement through time. In the long term, search engine optimization is one of the best investments for your business in terms of visibility and promotion, and we highly recommend you find a trusted service that offers to walk you through the pros and cons, providing you with the advice you need and can trust.


Greater online visibility and promotion are good for both you and your potential customers. Not only are you reaping the obvious benefits from having more people visit your optimized for search engines website as you appear at the top of result listings, but you just made your customer search easier and faster for them. The convenience of Google then reflects positively on your company and customers begin to associate it with you, they see how their user experience was less complicated and worked faster increasing their overall satisfaction.

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