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How coronavirus could impact you and your business?

Most people fall into one of 2 camps when it comes to the current Coronavirus pandemic. Toilet paper hoarding panic mode or the media is controlling us!! Okay, so those are 2 extreme opposite ends of the spectrum, but there’s no escaping the fact that regardless of what the truth actually is, it is impacting our way of life in dramatic ways.

Schools are closing, events are being cancelled, pro sports leagues are suspending operations, and sadly, even many businesses are on the brink of having to shut down their doors permanently. And there’s no doubt that the coronavirus effects businesses. How has the coronavirus affected your business?

Until now, companies have had to deal with closing stores in affected areas, employees, and managing supply chain disruptions. It doesn’t matter if your products or services are designed for in-store experiences, now is the time to re-think how your business can evolve to ensure it survives this changing dynamic. Whether it’s creating new product lines, better leveraging content marketing and social media strategies to keep customers connected to your brand, or even thinking bigger about new business ideas that capitalize exclusively in a digital world, you’ve got to think differently. Subscription-based delivery services and remote focused technology offerings are going to explode in growth as more and more people choose to shop and make their buying decisions from the comfort and safety of their own homes.


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